About Us

About the studio

1Place4Tech is a minority-owned agency that creates, develops, manages, and provides practical solution services for digital projects.

We are unafraid to champion new, innovative, and unique ideas. Just as our, our team possesses the know-how to help breathe life into ideas and make them a reality, we pride ourselves on the educational aspect of the development process. This includes giving providing upfront transparency and offering our clients a realistic and true insight on challenges and matters pertaining to the project. We believe in explaining things in laymen’s terms so that you can follow and understand how we implement the ‘tech’ so that your idea takes flight in the digital space.

We are a proud minority-owned business

We choose to give a personable touch to all of our client’s projects that we take on because we understand that entrusting your idea with us is a big deal.

Our goal is to leverage our technical knowledge to help assist our clients to succeed in accomplishing their goals through the use of various technological remedies solutions, and stacks.

We love what we do and want to continue to have fun while technically giving life to your ideas.